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NEED STAGING? First Impressions do matter... Sell your home faster!.

Homeowner needing a consultation? Wish to utilize your own furnishings with a touch of ours? An Investor with a fully renovated vacant home? A Realtor in need of staging services? Call us!

Professionally Staged Properties:
  • Look better than other homes on the market
  • Spend 73% less time on the market
  • Typically sell for more money
  • Look better in print and Internet ads
  • Receive more foot traffic
  • End up on a buyer’s “must see” list
  • Are viewed by buyers as “well maintained”
  • Are “move-in” ready
  • Have less reasons for buyers to ask for concessions
  • Professionally staged listings “STAND-OUT” in prospective buyers’ minds
For Investors

Our team works with many investors to create a team that works together towards the same goal: Sell Quick and Sell high! We offer a full interior design program custom tailored for YOUR property. We work with your contractors directly to select finishes so you don't have to! This can be done individually or combined with our staging services for a discounted price!

For Homeowners

If you are a hands on person and would like to stage or declutter your home for sale yourself or even just reinvent your space, we can swing by for a one-off meeting consultation and share with you the secrets of success. Our professional team will share ideas and concepts and help you make the best out of each home.

home staging

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  • Amy
    "After many years of using a different stager, I happily came across Chara at First Impressions.  She transformed an empty home that was receiving negative feedback and is a bit outdated into something elegant and trendy.  I have every confidence that this staging will be the key to getting this house sold quickly.  I will be sure to call Chara again for real estate clients whose homes could benefit from Chara's design talent.  Thank you to Chara and her team!"
    Realtor Baltimore
  • - Alex S
    I've used First Impressions staging and design services on a quite a few houses thus far and every time it turns out incredible. She works very hard to choose the right color schemes and styles for each individual neighborhood, so that it caters to the correct audience. I'm currently working on 3 houses and she is doing both design and staging and the houses look magnificent
    - Alex S
    Realtor Baltimore

COMPARE: Savings of Staging vs Not Staging

YOUR CLIENT WILL HAVE LESS THAN 30 SECONDS TO MAKE AN UNFORGETTABLE FIRST IMPRESSION! Staging will actually save you money and help sell your home faster. We work directly with Home Owners, Realtors and Investors. .We look forward to working with you!

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